Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death worldwide and can be prevented.

The Global Drowning Tracker empowers the individual and leverages the strength of the collective population to report and acknowledge the epidemic level of drownings around the world.

We choose to honor the lives of those who have drowned and to report their deaths to highlight the magnitude of the issue and the global nature of drowning.

By using an extensive list of passionate volunteers around the world, the Global Drowning Tracker accurately reports, tracks, manages and validates drownings around the world.

Through awareness, recognition and action, drowning accidents can be eliminated, if not greatly reduced. Being aware of cultural and political issues, submissions can be as minimal as the title “boy” or “girl” or serve as a memorial for the victim. An SMS Text Message submission process has also been implemented for access to submissions when a traditional computer is not available. Regardless, this tool exists to capture that data and archive it to show the critical need for awareness against drownings worldwide.

All submissions are queued for approval through a validation process. This application is also web based for easy access across the globe to a central location on the internet.


Open Water Guidelines – Seattle Children’s Hospital

National Drowning Prevention Alliance – Resources

CDC Unintentional Drowning – Get the facts

World Health Organization – Drowning Fact Sheet #37

UNICEF/TASC – Child Drowning Report

International Surf Lifesaving Association – ISLA Website

ILSF – Drowning Facts and Figures

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