What is the purpose of the Global Drowning Tracker©?
The purpose of the Global Drowning Tracker© is to empower individuals and leverage the strength of the collective population to report and acknowledge the epidemic level of drowning around the world.

Goals include:

• Decreasing drowning incidents worldwide by determining where lifesaving resources should be allocated.
• Improved quality and quantity of drowning statistics reported worldwide.
• Combine traditional media, social media, and promotion by organizations in order for the adoption of use by the public.
• Increase funding and demand for water safety information, and education for established organizations.

How do I use the Global Drowning Tracker©?

Is the Global Drowning Tracker© the “Official” database for recording death by drowning?
That depends on the country you live in. Few “Developed” countries have an “Official” method of reporting deaths by drowning, which are usually done by hospitals. Global Drowning Tracker© provides all countries with a means of reporting drowning incidents to the international community regardless of social economic resources.

Does the public, officials, or government use the Global Drowning Tracker© to report incidents?
That depends in the country you live in. In 2012 only 25 countries reported some sort or drowning data to the International community. The data collected from these countries was in the form of a survey sent out to member organizations. Global Drowning Tracker© is a tool for anyone to use no matter their membership affiliation or social economic ability.
How is an incident reported?
Drowning incidents are reported online or via SMS text messaging.
How do I report multiple victims in a single incident?
Global Drowning Tracker© 1.0 is currently unable to report multiple drownings in a single report; A separate report for each victim would need to be entered. Version 2.0 will have a multiple victim feature.
What if there is no Internet available to report an incident?
No Problem, a report can be made with a cell phone via SMS text messaging. Just text “Drowning” to +001-714-676-3962 and follow the directions. User’s cellular data rates apply. Visit the SMS Text Message page for more details.
How are drowning reports verified?
Drowning incidents are verified via back-end administration controls.
What about inaccurate data (duplication, lying, incorrect cause of death, etc.)?
A Back-end Administrator is alerted to duplicate information, can review news links, and is able to contact the incident reporter to verify the integrity of the drowning report.
What is the purpose of collecting data?
The Global Drowning Tracker© can increase the quantity and quality of the recorded data. With collective data we can identify and allocate resources to the areas in need around the world.
Who will use the data?
Governments, Organizations, doctors, students and anyone who is interested in stopping this epidemic problem.
How is data protected?
Data is hosted and protected via our own network and is backed up in our own server.
How does the Global Drowning Tracker© address privacy issues?
Please read our Privacy Policy.
How can I make the information of my loved one private?
If you’re a friend or family member of victim and feel uncomfortable about the information being displayed please send us an email at: info@drowningtracker.com and we will remove any personalized information.
How can I add, change, update, or correct a past incident report?
Send us a email with the modifications and an administrator will review and update the report.
I’m a lifesaving/drowning prevention expert; How can I make a recommendation for the Global Drowning Tracker©?
Although we would love to implement all recommendations, please keep in mind that the Global Drowning Tracker© is a worldwide tool. What may benefit the needs of one country, may provide confusion in another.
You can send your recommendations to info@drowningtracker.com. The best way to implement your recommendation is to become a Sponsor.
How can my organization or help create awareness?
Share, like, post, tweet, and tell as many people as possible about the epidemic level of drowning fatalities around the world.
What is Global Drowning Tracker© Version 2.0?
Visit our Sponsor Version 2.0 page.
What are the benefits of sponsoring Global Drowning Tracker© 2.0?
Visit our Sponsor Version 2.0 page.

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